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How Long Does it Take to Register a Company in the USA from India?

A calculated step toward growing your company internationally might be to register company in the USA from India. Planning and execution of this procedure must be done with understanding of the timescale. To assist you seamlessly complete the registration process, this page lists the main procedures and offers an approximate timeframe.

Initial Preparation and Planning

Good planning and preparation are necessary before to beginning the registration procedure. Deciding on the kind of company entity (e.g., LLC, Corporation), selecting a state for incorporation, and compiling required paperwork are all part of this stage. A few days to several weeks might pass as you look into state-specific regulations and speak with legal or business counsel. This stage is essential to making sure that, before proceeding, all required information is available. 

Choosing a Registered Agent

It takes a registered agent in the USA to manage legal paperwork on your behalf. A registered agent service can be hired; setup typically takes a few days to a week. There has to be a physical address for the registered agent in the state of incorporation. Making the right choice in a registered agent service guarantees that your business follows state laws and can get crucial paperwork quickly. 

Filing the Articles of Incorporation

One of the most important steps in the registration procedure is filing the articles of incorporations. Official state registration of your business is accomplished by this document, also referred to as a Certificate of Incorporation. States differ on how long it takes to process; some charge more for accelerated services. A typical filing procedure might take one to four weeks. Selecting states with well-known effective registration procedures, such as Delaware or Wyoming, can help with quicker processing. 

Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

For both tax and business bank account establishment in the United States, an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a must. The application for an EIN can be made online and is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Once the online application is completed, the EIN is usually granted right away; nevertheless, if a foreign applicant applies via mail or fax, it might take up to four weeks. Make sure all information is filled correctly to expedite the EIN process. 

Opening a Business Bank Account

Managing money and doing transactions need opening a company bank account. While some banks might let you create an account remotely with the right paperwork, others would not. Several days to several weeks might pass at this stage, contingent upon the policies of the bank and the accuracy of the provided paperwork. Finding out the particular needs and deadlines of each bank is a good idea. 

Complying with State and Federal Regulations

The good status of your business depends on adherence to both state and federal laws. This covers paying state fines, submitting yearly reports, and fulfilling tax responsibilities. The laws of US tax preparers in India may help your business ensure that it conforms to all the legal requirements. While it might take several weeks initially, it becomes a habitual practice that forms part of the business’s daily fabric.

Estimated Overall Timeline

Factors such as which state the corporation has been selected, how well documents are prepared, and how each of the institutions taking time to process the paperwork determine how long it will take to incorporate a corporation in the USA from India. In total, the procedure may take between six weeks and up to ten weeks. This encompasses the initial planning, appointment of a resident agent, filing for incorporation documents, obtaining an EIN, and opening an account.


The registration process of a corporation in the United States is as follows, which has different procedures with their deadline originating from India. Having an understanding of when each of these stages is expected to take can help to hasten the overall process of planning and preparing the documents and filing the affidavit and other required papers as well as compliance. To avoid any hassles, one can employ experienced industry specialists such as US tax preparers and legal advisors in India that can ensure a smooth registration process. By following the laid down procedures and ensuring that you act at the right time you stand to be in a position to expand your company’s activities to the United States.



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